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The Nature of our Real Estate locations allows us to have a presence in more than 25 entities, the management of 128 properties with more than 1,500 commercial premises, a land reserve of 359 thousand M2, and more than three million square meters built.


In 2007, the business was rethought and a new Gigante - GGI Gigante Grupo Inmobiliario was born as a specialized developer.


We seek to create and take advantage of real estate projects maximizing their profitability, with the vision of being an innovative, functional real estate development company with prices suitable for the Mexican market.

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02 - Properties
This is how Big our ideas are


It’s located in the heart of Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City. We distinguish ourselves by becoming the only Petfriendly Shopping Center in the area.

Gran Terraza Coapa

This shopping center offers cultural, social and commercial activities with your family, large green areas, high efficiency water use, renewable energy sources, natural lighting, a waste plant, reuse and recycling.

Palmas Uno

Offers the exclusivity modern and warm space, where you can come with your family and friends to have fun, enjoy gastronomy, variety of services and to be able to make your daily purchases.  We also offer office services for sale and rental that you will love for that business you have been waiting for so long!

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03 - Parking
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All our parking lots have standardized infrastructure and services, achieving efficiency and quality in operation.

The technology used has as a priority to guarantee the client a secure payment through automated systems.

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